The first images of the new larger-scale LEGO Minecraft line have been revealed.

First look at new LEGO Minecraft sets

New images have surfaced on the internet detailing the latest developments in the LEGO Minecraft partnership.

Earlier this year, the Danish toy maker confirmed its intentions to create a larger-scale Minecraft line, on par with its other licensed sets, such as Harry Potter or Star Wars.

The latest images depict the first two larger scale Minecraft sets scheduled for release later this year, titled The Cave and The Farm.

The Cave feature the popular computer game’s hero Steve and his iron pickaxe as he battles hostile zombie and spider mobs.

Meanwhile, The Farm features a Steve minifigure with an accessory, plaus a skeleton, cow and a sheep. The set encourages fans to harvest pumpkins, wheat and carrots as well as use the craft table to create a pumpkin helmet.

Other sets in the larger-scale LEGO Minecraft wave will include The First Night, Creative Box, The Ender Dragon and The Mine, reports The Brick Fan.

Check out the images below:

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