Zombicide: Season 3, Rue Morgue passed $100,000 goal in under seven minutes.

Zombie board game makes Kickstarter history with $2.85m in backing

A game in which players must fight off hordes of zombies to gain power has made Kickstarter history as its most funded board game ever.

Zombicide: Season 3 Rue Morgue obliterated its crowdfunding target of $100,000 when it secured itself almost $2.85 million this July.

The game, created by CoolMiniOrNot in conjunction with Guillotine Games, secured its full funding in just under seven minutes after launching on the site.

Zombicide: Season 3 Rue Morgue puts players in the middle of a zombie apocalypse where they must fight hordes of the undead in order to acquire items and level up.

With new and expanded rules and options, players can also use Zombicide: Season 3 across any Zombicide game in the franchise, including new skills and weapons, team-based play and optional PVP.

‘Set in an action-movie universe for one to 12 players, players control teams of survivors as they fight off zombies,’ read a description on the games Kickstarter site.

‘Survivors find weapons, battle zombies and gain experience. The more experienced they get, the more powerful they become, but the more zombies they attract.’

Zombie fans keen on getting their hands on a version of the new game ahead of time, can still pledge on the project.

Check out the Zombicide: Season 3 Rue Morgue Kickstarter page, here.

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