This toy-based email/voicemail service allows parents to send messages via an app that their children then receive through a toy.

Toymail arrives at Firebox

Toymail, a toy-based email/voicemail service, is exclusively available to pre-order in the UK at

The creation sees parents record a voice message using the Toymail app, hit send, and the toys will speak the message back to their children in their funny voice (or the child’s voice). Kids can then reply directly using the toy.

The toys connect wirelessly with to a home Wi-fi network and they’ll snort, wheeze, howl and growl to let a child know they have a new message.

The Kickstarter campaign for Toymail raised a mammoth $83,341 from a $60,000 target late last year, and appeared in the likes of Wired, The New York Times and TechCrunch.

“Toymail is going to be a huge hit with families this Christmas," said Sarah Kabunga, buyer at

"Parents are increasingly stretched between their work and home lives and looking for ever more interesting and innovative ways to stay in touch with their children.

"Toymail means families can stay in touch anytime, anywhere in a fun and exciting way to the delight of their little ones.”

Toymail is available exclusively from to pre-order for £49.99 each. Five characters are available, including Buck, Snort, Milksop, Fairfax and Rochester.

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