Firm sees no sign of popularity of the brand slowing down.

Minecraft “almost as successful” as One Direction for GB Eye

GB Eye’s line of Minecraft products is proving just as popular as its One Direction range.

The firm has a line of Minecraft posters and merchandise including badges, stickers and sticker packs.

“Our Minecraft range has been almost as successful as our One Direction range,” Nicola Hallam, product and marketing manager at GB Eye, told ToyNews.

“Also known as social LEGO, Minecraft owes its success to the ability it offers players to create absolutely anything online and to communicate and collaborate with others while doing so.

“Kids aren’t encouraged to play outside as much as they once were so Minecraft is something of a substitute – instead of digging in the dirt in the local fields they can do so virtually and be masters of their own universes, controlling it and creating whatever they can imagine.”

While the brand has been a hit for the firm this year, GB Eye sees no sign of Minecraft’s popularity slowing down.

Hallam added: “Minecraft is a future classic that people will play for years, so there will always be a certain level of demand.

“Amazingly there are still some buyers out there that do not know what it is and the current craze will be extended by those people when they finally start ordering product.”

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