Launch follows on from success in the electric scooter sector.

Zinc unveils new electric bike line

Zinc has launched a new range of electric bikes, with the first being the Zinc ReAction.

The new release follows on from the success the firm enjoyed with the Zinc Volt electric scooters. The new bike range consists of a number of popular frame types powered by the patented Eride system.

Eride is a system powered by lightweight lithium batteries, which is not only powerful but also environmentally friendly.

In fact, due to the lightweight nature of the Eride system, E bikes in the range can also be used as traditional pedal bikes when the system has been switched off.

Zinc ReAction will be the first in the range of six bikes, arriving in the autumn with a 20-inch freestyle frame.

"So many people now cycle together as families recreationally, having an electric bike will allow younger members of the family to enjoy longer and more challenging rides," said Simon Pickavance, Hy-Pro’s commercial director.

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