First UK publisher to being unofficial loom band guide books to the trade.

Simon & Schuster UK gets on board with loom band craze

Simon & Schuster UK has acquired the British Commonwealth rights (including digital, excluding ANZ and Canada) to four loom band books.

The firm’s managing director, Ingrid Selberg, spotted the books on the list of US firm Skyhorse Publishing, meaning that Simon & Schuster has become the first UK publisher to bring unofficial loom band guidebooks to the UK trade.

Total TCM sales of all four titles in the first week of publication stood at 14,703, with the first book – Loom Magic – selling over 7,466 copies, putting it at number six in the children’s top 500 on Bookscan.

Simon & Schuster has over 800,000 copies of the books in print across four titles.

"This is one of those rare and very satisfying moments in publishing when all the stars align," said Selberg. "From the time a customer asked us whether we had any loom books to take advantage of the latest playground craze, to our first printed copies was less than a month.

"We’ve had tremendous support from all our customers in all our usual sales channels and many new ones too, and now have about 800,000 copies in print before official publucation date. It’s very exciting."

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