Fans can combine Zord Vehicles into the Deluxe Legendary Megazord.

Bandai launches Power Rangers Super Megaforce toy line

The new season of Power Rangers Super Megaforce lands on TV screens on Nickelodeon from September 8th, and Bandai has revealed its accompanying toy line.

Available now is the fully articulated Action Hero 12.5cm figures, each of which comes with a battle accessory.

Fans of the show can also collect the Legendary Ranger Keys, and then download the free Key Scanner App from the App Store or Google Play to scan their key collection and morph into their favourite characters.

The keys can also be used to unlock lights and action sounds in the Deluxe Legendary Morpher as well as the Deluxe Super Mega Sabre.

Elsewhere, kids can combine Zord Vehicles into the Deluxe Legendary Megazord to create powerful combinations using the ‘Zord Builder’ system.

The Power Rangers Super Megaforce range is now available and will be supported with a heavyweight TV campaign as well as extensive PR and online activity.

Take a look at the range below:

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