New arts and craft range allows kids to create their own pixelated pets.

Minecraft inspired Pixel Pops to hit the UK this year

A new range of cyber-inspired arts and crafts toys are on the horizon, drawing on the eight-bit art trend found in the likes of Minecraft.

Pixel Pops from The Orb Factory are heading to the UK this year, designed to offer fans of the popular computer game the chance to create their own pixelated pets.

Launching this September, Pixel Pops features a collection of squishy cubes that can be constructed to create a host of characters, including an elephant, hedgehog, duck, parrot, kitten and panda.

Retailing at £4.99 each, kits include a pixelated pet with its own charm and habitat.

“Pixel Pops is inspired by eight-bit art, a trend that has been emerging over the past few years,” Sara MacDonald from The Orb Factory told ToyNews. “One of the most amazing things about Minecraft is that it appeals to both children and their parents.

“Pixel Pops follows this model. Children are drawn to the idea of creating a digital-type character in the real world, while adults love the connection to the old school programming they grew up on.”

The Orb Factory has already seen a positive response to the new range internationally, reporting that customers instantly recognise the eight-bit art trend.

“It is really exciting to see such an instant and strong reaction to a brand new line. It gives us confidence that we have some very strong kits coming out.”

Off the back of this positive reaction, the firm already has designs for a second wave of Pixel Pops kits, set to launch in January next year,

The Orb Factory is also exploring its options of incorporating bigger playsets and various licenses to the portfolio.

“It’s really nice to give children the opportunity to ‘unplug’ and really develop hand-eye coordination, problem solving and other tactical skills,” concluded MacDonald. 

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