Kits allow kids to create a range of different structures including forts, dens and playhouses.

Toy Essentials signs UK distribution deal for Toobeez EZ-Toys

Toy Essentials has been granted the rights to distribute Toobeez EZ-Toys in the UK, including a brand new addition to the range, EZ-Toy Classic Construction kits.

The EZ-Toy kits feature Toobeez tubes and connector spheres allowing kids to create a range of frameworks that form the basis of a different structures including forts, dens and playhouses.

The Classic Construction kits gives children the opportunity to use the Toobeez construction technology to enhance their critical thinking skills with a table top sized kit.

The new range includes the Princess Garden, the Zany Zoo & the Construction City and Gear Sets.

"Toobeez is a highly respected and trusted brand in the UK particularly, already boasting healthy distribution," said Toy Essentials business director Sandra Cambridge.

"This latest range adds yet another dimension to the portfolio, offering the opportunity of table top play for the first time.’

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