Wants to work with major, and independent, toy stores.

Packaging firm Duo UK targets toy retailers

Duo UK, a packaging manufacturer and supplier, is looking to work with more retailers in the toy space.

The firm, which offers bespoke gift packaging, has worked with the likes of ASOS, Tesco and John Lewis, but is now targeting toy retailers big and small.

“We’re a UK manufacturer of polythene packaging and we work with a lot of the big retail brands as well as some small boutique stores as well,” Duo UK brand director Zoe Brimlow told ToyNews.

“We’re a manufacturer and a supplier, so we import a lot of stuff as well like luxury paper, laminate bags, tissue paper and stickers. We offer the whole range.”

“We’re really passionate about working with up and coming brands. One of our success stories that we worked with from day one is Boohoo. We do engage with small brands and help them grow and we’re able to produce smaller quantities of product without the price being extortionate.”

The firm works alongside stores to develop a range of packaging in tune with a retailer’s brand.

“We can go in, have a look what they are doing from a marketing perspective and make sure the journey for the customer, in store or online, is consistent and the packaging is consistent with the brand colours and add value by getting customers to engage with their brand,” added Brimlow.

“We’ve got samples so they can touch and feel everything and we have an in-house design team that can design everything for them with their logo or whatever brand identity they want to get across. We would then send that to the store and see what they think. It’s a working partnership.”

Duo UK ran a research study last year that found that when a product is gift-wrapped, 25 per cent of those asked said it improved the brand image of the company that he customer spending with as well as improving value for money and the likelihood of a customer making a repeat order.

Duo UK: 0161 203 5767

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