Firm has released Terminator Versus Robocop, Escape from New York and 8 bit Batman video game figures.

NECA’s new 80s-themed line features Kurt Russell action figure

NECA has turned back the clock to find inspiration for its latest line-up of action figures, featuring Terminator, Robocop, Snake Plissken and an 8 bit video game inspired Batman.

Based on the 1993 Super Nintendo and Genesis videogame, Robocop Versus Terminator, the first figure collection pits T-800 Terminator against the might of Robocop.

Divided into two assortments, the set features Terminator, an Endoskeleton and two variatins of Robocop, one with a flame-thrower, the other on fire.

Game Informer reports that the figures stand at seven inches in height and will be available from October.

Meanwhile, Snake Plissken has escaped from New York to arrive on toy shelves across the globe, sporting his iconic locks and eye-patch.

Emulating Kurt Russell’s look in the film Escape From New York, the Snake action figure also features range of accessories and weaponry.

The figure will be released in November this year and will retail at around $30.

Completing the line-up is a Batman action figure based on an 8 bit videogame released by Sunsoft in 1989.

The seven inch figure arrives in a purple hue, emulating the caped crusaders looks from the game, but according to the Game Informer, also boasts the looks of a younger Michael Keaton.

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