Research finds the average video game for children costs £12, compared to £24 for a board game.

Board games valued at double the price of children’s video games, says PriceSpy UK

Reserach by independent shopping price comparison site has found that, on average, board games are valued at double the price of video games.

The reseach found that the average price of a children’s video game (rated 12 and below) is £12, compared to £24.14 for board games.

The company states that ‘a major contributing factor to the lower price point is the high depreciation of video games, which is typically over 60 per cent over a period of six months. In contrast, the average depreciation rate of board games over a six month period is just 35 per cent.’

“We were initially surprised by the price gap between board games, toys and video games; however when you look at the sheer number available, the competitive pricing seems inevitable," said Lorna Barker, senior marketing manager of PriceSpy UK.

“It seems incredible that entertainment that dates back to 3500BC can still command a price tag that is twice that of new, advanced technology.

“Additionally, the total value of the board games market is increasing year on year, with significantly lower price depreciation. Whilst video games are a multi-billion pound industry, they appear to be viewed as a more disposable product than board games.”

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