The toymaker has extended its partnership with the videogame franchise to roll out a full product launch.

LEGO and Mojang to launch full Minecraft range

LEGO and Mojang are extending their partnership to bring a full range of LEGO Minecraft sets to market.

The Danish toymaker already teamed with the popular videogame franchise to release four Minecraft sets following the success of a fan suggested play-set on LEGO Ideas (then Cuusoo) in 2011.

However, the pair now plans to launch a full range of Minecraft sets, in similar scale to that of normal products lines such as LEGO Star Wars, reports the Financial Times.

“Credit to LEGO: they could see us as competition and not work with us, but they’re basically just embracing it and putting a lot of effort in to this project,” said carl Manneh, chief executive of Mojang.

LEGO has even adopted the strategy of collaborating with Minecraft players themselves for inspiration for the project.

“One of the things that LEGO did that was kind of unprecedented for them in their long history was to reach out to the community for feedback directly on how the characters should look,” added Vu Bui, Mojang’s chief operating officer.

Players helped decide the look a characters including the Creepers alongside a host of animals and objects, such as the mine cart.

Brian Eskilden, senior marketing manager at LEGO, said: “There’s a lot of similarities between the two experiences being about building and bein creative with blocks and it is amazing to see what Minecraft has done with the community aspect.”

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