The toy company is working with a selection of artists to develop 'mass customised' toys and figurines.

Hasbro teams with 3D printing firm to sell fan-inspired My Little Pony figures

Hasbro has teamed with 3D printing company Shapeways to sell a collection of fan art-inspired by My Little Pony toys.

With an emphasis on exploring the concept of ‘mass customisation’, the toy company will select the work of five artists to develop and print and then sell at a price set by their creators.

The New York Times reports that artists will be offered a relative free rein, with each design cleared by the Hasbro team to ensure they are not obscene, violent or hateful.

“We have been investigating 3D printing for quite a while, as have many people,” said John Frascotti, chief marketing officer at Hasbro.

“What 3D printing truly empowers is the creation of artwork that maybe wouldn’t make sense for mass production, but it makes sense for a unique item.”

The first piece is now available to purchase, and features a purple dragon named Spike, stood on a pile of books with a quill pen in his hand.

Hasbro now hopes to expand the partnership to include more artists, more of its brands and more material.

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