Animin will be backed by an expansive online, print, TV and social marketing campaign.

Animin to hit UK retail this November

Animin, a digital pet that uses the latest augmented reality technology, will be available in all major UK games, toy and supermarket retail outlets this November.

The product will also be available to order online from Google Play, Apple iTunes, or directly via the Animin website. 

The Animin team believes the toy offers ‘a revolutionary digital-to-physical product business model for UK supermarkets and toy and gaming retailers’ and Animin will be backed by an expansive online, print, TV and social marketing campaign this coming Christmas.

“With Animin we are creating a truly magical and exciting digital pet for children, tweens and mobile gamers who want to enjoy the very first true AR game, featuring stunning 3D character animations, mind-blowing mini-games, four exclusive collectible character packs and loads more,” said Joe Kletz, creative director of Animin.

"It’s a completely new type of gaming experience. Our development team is genuinely pushing the capabilities of what is possible with AR tech on smartphones and tablets, creating the very first digital pet that truly comes to life in the real-world environment in front of you.

"Animin has been a true labour of love and I cannot wait to start previewing the game to journalists, bloggers, YouTubers and gamers later this year.”

Animin sees users point a mobile device at the Animin game-card to see unique creatures come to life right in front of the smartphone or tablet.

Animin owners can then care for and nurture their Animin, play mini-games with them and collect new characters.

Ben Paterson, creative producer on Animin, added: “We now have a considerable online, print and TV marketing campaign and a mainstream PR push planned in to launch Animin this coming November in time for Christmas.

"Our plan is to establish Animin as a major new IP for the kids and tween markets and to launch globally in 2015.

“Augmented Reality has already been around for a few years, but nobody has yet really cracked its true gaming potential. Until now. And we have extremely exciting plans to develop Animin globally in 2015 and beyond.”

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