The Shadow Over Westminster is a co-operative board game less than $400 away from crowd-funding goal.

London themed horror board game nears Kickstarter fate

A board game that challenges players to battle ancient horrors in modern day London is just hours away from having its fate decided on Kickstarter.

The Shadow Over Westminster is a co-operative horror adventure game in which players join together to battle ancient curses, uncover artifacts and prevent the Cataclysm.

The game also has just 57 hours remaining on the clock to source less than $400 in order to hit its $26,000 crowd-funding target.

“A dark shadow is creeping over the city of London. Whispers speak of demonic rituals, rats the size of dogs, living shadows and bodies returning to life,” read the game’s description on its Kickstarter project page.

Players must adopt the role of the clandestine organisation, the Agency, in order to stop the oncoming Cataclysm.

In this co-operative game, each player assumes the role of one of the Agents: the Illuminati Shadow, the Knight Templar, the Watcher or the Outsider.

Together the team is challenged to build their skills and collection of artifacts in order to overcome the eerie disturbances appearing around the UK’s capital.

The game’s crescendo is delivered when payers eventually reveal the secret nature of the Cataclysm, and in an added twist, discover which player has been double-crossing them all along.

Pledges of $45 and upwards will receive a version of the game, featuring a board, four individual Agents cards, 15 Cataclysm cards, 125 playable cards, four original miniatures, 15 wooden markers and one knowledge marker, an instruction booklet and an original art work print.

Check out The Shadow Over Westminster’s Kickstarter page here.

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