Adult game sees players attempt 30 different accents.

‘Embarrassing’ card game Accentuate launches in the UK

Accentuate, an adult card game that sees players attempt to mimic different accents, has launched in the UK.

The game sees players reading a quotation aloud in a randomly selected accent, with other gamers having to guess the dialect in queston.

“People have described it as one of the most embarrassing and uncomfortable games they have ever played which is why we knew we were onto a winner,” explained Fiona Fraser-Bell, co-inventor and director of sales and marketing at Accentuate Games.

“There are very few party games capable of reducing people to tears of laughter within seconds of opening the box – we’ve seen grown men crumble when confronted with ‘Egyptian’ on their Accent Card, while others wriggle and squirm as they struggle to mimic what should be a fairly simple ‘native’ dialect such as Geordie.

“The beauty is that while sniggering at everybody else’s attempts, every player knows it’s just a matter of time before it’s their turn so everyone is on edge throughout the entire game.”

The game includes 90 Accent Cards featuring 30 different accents from around the globe, a third of which are British dialects such as Cockney, Mancunian and Glaswegian. Overseas accents span all continents and include Russian, German, Chinese and Mexican.

Graeme Fraser-Bell, co-inventor and CEO of Accentuate Games, added: “We already have a local independent stockist in place and have invested heavily in distinctive branding, as well as a heavyweight PR and social media campaign to really bring the brand to life.

“We think it’s the verbal equivalent of Pictionary and we’re confident that Accentuate will be on the wishlists of many Brits this Christmas – Boxing Day will be filled with the sound of thousands of people doing bad impressions of good accents.”

As well as being stocked in independent store Linghams Bookshop, the firm is focusing on selling the game via its own site in the manner of Cards Against Humanity.

The Accentuate team is now looking at a range of routes to get the game out there into the public eye.

“The margin that we’re hoping to hold onto, we are ploughing back into social media, advertising and maybe looking at cinema investments,” he added. “It’s not really a visual game, it’s an audible game about accents so radio could also really help.”

Accentuate (£23.50) will have a presence at an array of Christmas gift fairs and exhibitions this year, as well as at key toy and game trade fairs.

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