Firm is now tackling eBay traders who are selling fake Robo Fish goods online.

Tobar triumphs against counterfeit Robo Fish on leading online marketplace

After teaming up with Zuru to launch a Fight the Fakes campaign, Tobar has managed to eradicate 99 per cent of the counterfeit Robo Fish from a leading online marketplace.

The firm is now looking to tackle eBay traders who are selling fake Robo Fish goods online.

Tobar is asking any partners to report suspected counterfeit goods to them immediately.

“We’re determined to ‘Fight the Fakes’ and I’m very proud of the results the team have achieved to date," said Tobar chief executive David Mordecai.

"However the job goes on and we are not complacent, as peak season approaches we will have to increase our efforts to keep these potentially dangerous goods off the shelves.

"We want our partners and their customers to be reassured that the toys supplied by Tobar will always be genuine. Robo Fish is set to be huge again this year but together we can win this battle.”

Joining the classic Robo Fish this year are six new LED fish, tropical fish and a Robo Fish play set as well as a new range of Pirate Robo Fish, RC Robo Fish and new Magical Mermaids and play sets from Zuru.

These lines will be backed by a TV campaign on air until July 24th and special FSDU solutions to drive sales for 2014.

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