The team at reply to the Secret Distributor's stance on awards.’s response to the Secret Distributor

This is a response by to the Secret Distributor’s piece on awards, published earlier this week, which can be found here.

Dear Secret Distributor,

Firstly, it’s nice to meet you. Who knows, we may have already met.

We want to thank you for your article about the toy industry awards and tell you about ours, the Awards.

Let’s talk about change.

You’re right. The industry is full of awards, it’s saturated in fact, and there are so many different types of awards, we’ve lost track. Some are credible, some less so.

Because there are so many awards, we decided to launch ours. Yes, you heard right, that’s why we decided to launch ours.

Why? In short, two sentences.

– Toys are for children.

– Children should decide which toys are the best.

We thought it was time for a change and time to give the industry something they’ve been waiting for.
Toy awards voted by children.

Now on to costs.

We completely understand your point about exorbitant entry costs currently being charged. However, our awards rely on a small entry fee to cover our costs, which includes making a film, capturing real children’s opinions, to make our awards totally transparent.

No secret club here.

Regular entrants to our awards will be very welcome, but we won’t be giving out prizes just because someone has entered every year. Children will decide what products win every prize, every year.

Winners may well include some of the 20 toy companies who have won since 2006. Winners may also be companies nobody has ever heard of before. Who knows? We aren’t the judges.

That’s the magical thing about children and toys. Sometimes the favourites are completely unexpected.

To sign off…

Thank you for your article.

Whoever you are, we’d love you to come to the Awards.

With best wishes,

The Team: A bunch of transparent people, trying to change things. People who don’t live in mansions and drive ‘normal’ cars (second hand ones).

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