Achieved its funding goal of £50,000 with close to a third of its allotted time still to go.

Real FX Racing passes Kickstarter goal

Wow Labs’ Real FX Racing has passed its Kickstarter goal of £50,000 with nearly a third of its allotted time still to go.

The product uses AI to allow a car to recognise its position on a track and stay on the track without the use of a traditional slot as seen in traditional RC tracks.

"This is absolutely crazy," said Richard North, CEO Wow Stuff and Wow Labs.

"I’ve never experienced anything like this. We’ve invested six years of effort and over one million pounds before deciding to let Wow Labs, our technology spin-off, take it over and gauge the reaction from the most discerning bunch of consumers on earth, Kickstarters.

"The comments on the Real FX Racing page from these backers say it all. Well, that and the press that tried it for themselves at Hamleys; they’ve gone completely nuts for it. Just google Real FX Racing and it seems every tech site in the world is reporting on it and better still, loving it. From the UK to USA from New Zealand to Spain and from the biggest tech sites in the world like Engadget, Ubergizmo, Pocket lint and the world’s largest Mashable.

"After Hamleys, Amazon in the USA have been the first to come knocking and now in the UK too. We now have to work on the longer term strategy as this is a category with lots of extensions. After six years we are determined to get the launch absolutely right so we are talking to the right toy companies who want to join us to build this new category in technology of race cars with artificial intelligence".

Take a look at the Real FX Kickstarter campaign here.

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