Calling itself ‘the party game for wonderful people’ –a twist on the Cards Against Humanity tagline – Cards For Humanity encourages saccharin suggestions from online fans.

Cards For Humanity initiative surfaces on Twitter

For the badults among us, risqué card game Cards Against Humanity has provided hours of chuckles.

But for those who would rather introduce a more family friendly game to the dinner table, a new initiative has surfaced to be ‘the Yin to the Card Against Humanity team’s Yang.’

Calling itself ‘the party game for wonderful people’ –a twist on the original game’s tagline – Cards For Humanity has been born, building an online following via social media.

The Cards For Humanity initiative aims to replace popular Cards Against Humanity phrases such as ‘getting abducted by Peter Pan’ with the more saccharin fan suggestions like ‘respecting your fellow human beings’ and ‘fishing with your dad’.

According to the Chicago-based team, its campaign – currently confined to Twitter – has the objective of ‘doing good in the world everyday. Creating an open sourced feel-good expansion for Cards Against Humanity. We are the Yin to their Yang.’

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