Game has already achieved $4,000 of its $7,000 Kickstarter goal

Cure Victorian monsters with Gothic Doctor card game

A new tabletop card game, offering players the chance to cure infamous monsters of Victorian literature, has taken to Kickstarter.

Gothic Doctor challenges players to find the treatment for the bloodlust of werewolves, end the curse of the bride of Dracula or engage in a fang extraction operation on the cloaked curmudgeon himself.

‘Tired of hiding in the city’s shadows, strange and terrifying creatures of legend come to your door looking to be cured of their conditions,’ reads a description of the game by Meltdown Games.

In the card game designed for two to four players, the better the job you perform in outwitting your opponents, the further up the ladder of success you will climb.

With 20 days still to go on the crowd-sourcing site, Gothic Doctor has already secured $4,664 of its $7,000 Kickstarter goal.

Check out the Gothic Doctor Kickstarter project here or watch the video below.

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