New Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo have been billed as the connective robot for this generation of kids.

Parrot’s new launch Mini Drones are “perfect for the toy market”

Parrot is targeting toy shelves this Christmas with the launch of its first collection of Mini Drones, “perfect for toy shops.”

The new Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo were unveiled at an exclusive event in London on Wednesday, June 25th, where trade and consumer journalists were introduced to “the connective robots for the next generation.”

A compact flying drone, the Rolling Spider can be flown indoors and out with the ability to perform stunts including loop the loops, and with removable wheels, can roll from floor to ceiling.

Meanwhile, the Jumping Sumo can traverse almost any surface as well as leap 80cm in height and length, while giving kids a point of view visual on their smartphone or tablet, via its embedded camera.

“Reaction has been very positive so far,” Vanessa Loury, Parrot’s PR director told ToyNews.

“The Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo are about offering a toy that the kids or teenagers of today would like to have.

“The idea of Jumping Sumo was to bring the fun of those jumping video games to real life, and we believe they are perfect as toys.”

Initially launching through Apple, the Rolling Spider retails at £89.99 and the Jumping Sumo at £139.99, and Parrot believes the price is part of the range’s toy appeal.

“Price is important. We wanted to offer something affordable. With these Mini Drones we are expanding our range of consumer drones and delivering the connective robot for the next generation.”

Hopes are high for the new range as the firm starts looking towards the Christmas market.

“We wanted the product to be ready for Christmas, so we do hope there will be a trend with the mini drones this year.”

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