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Deemed 'a dumb party game that respects your intelligence.'

Monikers, ‘the next Cards Against Humanity’, smashes Kickstarter goal

Monikers, a card game that has been touted as ‘the next Cards Against Humanity’, has smashed its goal on Kickstarter.

The game aimed to raise $20,000 and has so far raised $54,296, with one day left of the Kickstarter campaign.

The game sees players having to guess different funny or inappropriate names printed on a set of cards. Each round has different rules about how clues can be given.

In the first round, players can say anything they want. In the second round, players can only use one word and in the third, players can only do charades.

Each name card has a point total based on how difficult it is to guess, and cards include the likes of ‘A Drunk Jeff Goldblum’, ‘The Person On Your Right’ and ‘Krang.’

To see Monikers in action, watch the video below:

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