Grublin Games' Waggle Dance puts players in the role of Queen Bee and has less than £3,000 to go on the crowd-sourcing site.

Bee board game from creators of Cornish Smuggler nears Kickstarter goal

A board game giving players the chance to live the life of a bee is nearing its Kickstarter goal with just days left.

Waggle Dance is the latest creation from Grublin Games, the Cornwall-based team behind the successful Cornish Smuggler tabletop title.

And with less than £3,000 to go before hitting its £15,000 goal, the team is urging board game fans to back the project in its final three days.

Waggle Dance is a strategic game in which dice represent worker bees who players – as Queen bee – must assign different actions to build a better beehive, collect nectar and fill their hive with honey.

“We wanted to publish a game which was as accessible as possible,” Henry Jasper, founder of Grublin Games told ToyNews.

“So Waggle Dance is very pick up and play, and perfect for players who are new to strategic boardgames, while at the same time offering lots of depth.”

Jasper reports that consumer reaction has already been ‘overwhelmingly positive,’ having recently presented the latest development to tabletop enthusiast at UK Games Expo.

“These events allow us to directly interact with players and get really honest view and reception to the game,” he said.

“We were lucky enough to receive some incredibly enthusiastic reviews from some highly influential reviewers, such as Rhado – which is really great to see.”

Having found success through the crowd-sourcing platform only last year with his Cornish Smuggler game, Jasper now believes Waggle Dance can recreate the triumph of the title – in backing and eventual retail presence.

“Cornish Smuggler has a solid retail presence, not only in the UK through enthusiast shops, bookshops and high street stores, but also internationally.

“We were really taken aback by the international demand for boardgames and we missed a trick with Cornish Smuggler’s high level of language dependency,” explained Jasper.

“Waggle Dance has been specifically designed for this wider market, so we’re very confident that we’ll be able to improve on our Cornish Smuggler success.”

Jasper also believes that it is through community platforms such as Kickstarter that enthusiasts are able to drive the current trend in board gaming, but with large successful publishers now adopting the model, indies are beginning to find it harder to source the funding they need.

“Personally, I think it is the small independent publishers who are really fuelling game evolution at the moment, as they are taking much larger risks. I think the player community recognises this so I would expect to see the crowdfunding model shift and evolve again fairly soon.”

Grublin Games’ latest project is currently on Kickstater. Click here to check out the Waggle Dance page.

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