The line has been launched following 'positive response' to Little Live Pet Birds.

Moose Toys launches Little Live Pets Butterflies

Moose Toys is expanding its collection of Little Live Pets with a new Butterfly range, ‘designed to mimic their real life counterparts.’

The new launch follows a positive global response to the firm’s Little Live Pets Birds, which will be coming to the UK this July.

The collection will feature two key items: a Butterfly Single Pack, which includes one character, and a Butterfly House.

‘Each butterfly features unique and bright colours, lifelike antennae, a realistic wing flapping pattern and it vibrates when held,’ read a statement from the firm.

“We are extremely excited to expand the Little Live Pets line and bring Butterflies to market,” Paul Solomon, CO-CEO of Moose Toys told ToyNews.

“The Little Live Pets Birds line has been so well received globally that we were able to introduce a line of Butterflies, too.”

Solomon is expecting big things from the Little Pets Live collection, predicting them to be at the top of children’s wish lists this holiday season.

The new range will run alongside the re-launch of Moose Toys’ Beados, an arts and crafts kit that requires no heat or glue.

“Both Beados and the Little Live pets lines have been featured at all of the industry trade shows this year, and they have been well received by all partners worldwide.

“Not only have industry professionals been impressed with the lines, but children as well.

“Little Live Pets performed very well in a group testing, and children were excited to see how life-like they look and respond.”

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