Featuring touches of Chess and Cyvasse, the game is based on minute details from the books.

Game of Thrones fan creates board game based on one played in the books

A Game of Thrones super fan and tabletop enthusiast has created a new board game based on that played by the characters from the popular fantasy series.

Featuring touches of Chess and Cyvasse, the game has been developed by medical scientist and PhD student, Michael Le Page.

With a clear penchant for diligent studying, the game is based on a series of minute hints and clues found in George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book.

“There’s not a lot in the book to go off,” admits Le Page. “GRRR himself never tried to define the rules, but he did say it was a mix of chess, Stratego and Blitzkrieg.”

Le Page then decided to fill in the blanks, using quotes and passages from the book series as guidance.

“We have a list of quotes that suggest the pieces are made of onyx and ivory, Dragons can be taken by Trebuchets and that Heavy Horses were ‘circling around his rear.’

As a result, Le Page’s design features a hexagonal board with three different colours of hex on the grid, hollowed to allow pieces to slot in.

While the board game comes in at a total of £179, the demonstration video of the game is free to view, so why not take a look below first:


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