Kids can create buildings in the real world and transport them to the digital with new app and specialist bricks.

LEGO blends physical and digital worlds with LEGO Fusion

LEGO is bringing brick-building and tablets together with its latest venture, LEGO Fusion.

Designed to ‘blend the physical and digital worlds’, LEGO Fusion allows construction toy fans to play as the mayor of a town charged with building houses, stores and other structures.

The makeshift mayor will then have to construct the buildings in the physical world, using a special version of LEGO bricks, before transferring it into the digital world via a mobile app.

Kids playing the game will then be able to share their creations online or visit other digital LEGO cities.

Three further LEGO Fusion games include a racing game – challenging kids to build and race LEGO cars – a tower defence game and a resort designer.

Ditte Bruun Pedersen, senior design manager at LEGO’s Future Lab, told Time that the idea behind LEGO Fusion is to “use tablets to help kids be creative,” and “loop from the physical to the digital worlds.”

The LEGO Fusion apps and corresponding brick sets will go on sale in mid August for around $35 each.

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