Will take place in a secret room behind a bookcase at The Jam Tree in Clapham on July 15th.

New venue revealed for next Board Game Club

The third Board Game Club will take place at a new venue, The Jam Tree in Clapham, on Tuesday July 15th 2014.

The event will see new games grace the night as well as the introduction of a gong to prevent ‘game hogging’.

“Board Game Club is proving a huge success – we tripled guest numbers at our last event and have been bowled over by the positivity around the nights," said co-founder Lesley Singleton.

"People enjoy the handpicked mix of games that we have available, the guilt-free pleasure and also the agenda-free stance we take: this is purely about grown-ups getting together for a play with a quality mixture of retro favourites and brand new boxed games.

"We think it works because there’s no hard sell – this is about sharing our passion for games with like-minded people. Over cocktails and beers, naturally."

Singleton is also on the lookout for games from overseas to make the trip to July’s event.

 “July sees us add some brand-spanking new titles to the mix, as well as bringing back popular choices from the last two events," added Singleton.

"We’re also introducing a gong to ensure people don’t hog one game in particular and we’re seeking out a couple of interesting titles from overseas to mix things up a bit.

"Those who haven’t been to Board Game Club before can expect an evening of pure unadulterated game-play – kids classics and childhood favourites which crossover brilliantly for groups of grown-ups, as well as a couple of more risqué ‘Games for Badults’. This isn’t about hours of strategic gaming, though; the emphasis is on fast-paced, sociable fun with friends and strangers.

"People will leave with new mates and new ideas for games to enjoy in the future.”

Co-founder Peter Jenkinson added: “Our intention has always been to tour Board Game Club, so we’ve been busy seeking out the perfect places to take our night next.

"The Jam Tree in Clapham couldn’t be a better fit – in keeping with the secret, in-the-know feel of the night, Board Game Club will take place in a secret room hidden behind a bookcase.

"The atmosphere of the venue is a great match for our event and we’re looking forward to seeing all our Board Game Club founding members as well as new faces giving us a try for the first time.”

If you have a game you’d like to suggest for the menu at the next Board Game Club event, or to get your name on the guest list, email BoardGameClub@PlaytimePR.com.

For regular updates about future secret Board Game Club events, visit http://eepurl.com/VfLGD

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