Event will help people in the industry understand how they can use consumer research to test and improve their products.

Kids Brand Insight launches Toy Consumer Research Bootcamp event

Kids Brand Insight is launching The Toy Consumer Research Bootcamp, an event to help people in the industry understand how they can use consumer research to test and improve their products.

The one-off event will be held in London on July 23rd and will be run by Kids Brand Insight CEO Steve Reece.

All content on the day will focus specifically on the needs of companies in the toy industry.

“As an industry we don’t tend to test products with our end consumer as much as perhaps we should," Reece told ToyNews.

"The purpose of this training day on Wednesday, July 23rd is to help build understanding of how research works, how it can help toy companies to deliver top selling product ranges and how to best use it for maximum results.”

The event will cover the following areas:

  • Introduction to consumer research.
  • Different types of consumer research, and when/why to use them.
  • Problems/issues which can be resolved via research – including examples of typical research topics, and how to robustly test for solutions.
  • Toy specific research factors including researching with children, mums and testing flimsy prototypes.
  • Content specific research factors including TV animation, apps, online, books/comics/magazines.
  • Doing it on the cheap – how to do your own ‘rough and ready’ research testing to achieve maximum benefit at least cost.
  • Commissioning research studies, how to avoid wasting money & what to look for in an agency.
  • How to manage consumer research agencies.
  • Practical coaching on discussion group moderating/how to run playtesting sessions.
  • How product designers can consumer test products without ‘it’s my baby’ bias in the findings.
  • Reporting research findings – how to deliver realistic, actionable findings from research.

Early bird tickets are available for £197 plus VAT until a week before the event, after which time the price will go up to £297 plus VAT.

For more information, click here.

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