Audrey Clausen created her game called SCORE for use within schools and churches, to encourage conversation about race.

US: Teacher’s assistant devises board game to encourage conversation about race

A teacher’s assistant in America has created a new board game to help kids talk about race and banish racism from society.

Audrey Clausen created her game called SCORE – Start a Conversation on Race Equality – for use within schools and churches, to gently encourage conversation about a subject that for many is too difficult to raise.

“It’s a game, but it’s also a tool to have conversations on various issues without hurting feelings,” Clausen told Twin Cities.

Clausen notes that the game is devised as a way to teach or un-teach people who use the wrong words with little thought.

“There are racist people,” she continued, “and then there are people who just use the wrong words, and it’s not really their fault – it’s the way they were taught. We have to un-teach them.”

The SCORE board features a spiral in which players advance their game pieces. With each turn, players turn up one of the 240 cards and answer the question on the back.

The opponent responds, agreeing or disagreeing with the answer. At the end of the turn, the player advances the piece on the board.

“The emphasis is on conversation,” said Clausen.

“White people often feel as if an innocent comment when discussing race will result in them being labeled as racist. White people are afraid they might be reprimanded.”

The game features a series of thought provoking questions, such as ‘Should labels for race be eliminated?’ and ‘Define racial profiling. Has it ever affected you?’

A teaching assistant at Park High School in Cottage Grove, Clausen was inspired to develop the game when she was asked about her race by the young pupils at her school.

Among the game’s fans is Todd Hochman, assistant principal at Park High School.

“Students don’t have much opportunity to have these kinds of discussions,” Hochman said.

“The advantage of this game is the opportunity it creates.”

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