Laura Warner on why she is a champion of traditional toys.


Our children have been brought up in the iPad, DVD and computer gaming generation and I hate it.

What happened to having an imagination and building a den or playing with Play-Doh and just simply doing what a child should be doing?

Oscar is four now and from day one I knew I did not want him to be a child that sits in front of the TV or plays on an iPad.

My opinion is that there is plenty of time for all of that in the future, but right now it is important for him to learn through play.

Being the only grandchild on both sides of our family he gets inundated with toys at Christmas and birthdays, yet he treasures them all and takes great care of them.

Oscar has a play table in the dining room that at the moment is covered in Playmobil where his little imagination can run wild and he can play with it for hours, like I did as a child.

Playmobil was a massive part of my childhood and I still have the original dolls’ house in the loft at my parent’s house. When he fancies a change I put it away and we set up his wooden Thomas railway on there. The play table is without a doubt the best thing we brought, as leaving his toys out in one area at all times encourages Oscar to play whenever he likes.

Oscar also loves playing outside where he has a trampoline, playhouse, water table and a sandpit. We try to play outside everyday if the weather is good and he loves it.

Toys are a massive part of Oscar’s life and a huge part of his development and I am positive he never would have learnt what he has from playing if he had been stuck in front of a TV or playing computer games.

Oscar loves dinosaurs and whenever we go away we have to pack them and his animals in his Trunki to take with us. We can’t leave the house without him taking something to play with.

Oscar also plays with mine and Greg’s old toys that our parents have saved over the years. It is great to watch him reusing something that we had so much fun playing with as a child. It also brings back lots of fun memories, too.

Children should be left to be children, not rushed into the technology engulfed world that we live in today.

Let them play with toys and encourage them to use their imagination as you will see greater rewards in the future.

I have also found that playing with your children and giving them your time makes your relationship as parent and child so much stronger, instead of missing out on spending quality time together and plopping them in front of the TV.

I love being a big kid again and playing with Oscar and his toys and will continue to do it until he gets older and gets bored of playing with me.

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