The firm has championed the rise in adult collectors and the use of social media as virtual playgrounds.

World Cup 2014 Collection “on track to break UK records,” says Panini

This year’s Panini FIFA World Cup collection is on track “to break all UK records,” according to the sticker and collectibles firm.

Now on its 12th World Cup collection, the Italian company has championed the rising trend in adult collectors and the social media platforms for providing the new digital playground.

With the hashtag #GotGotNeed fuelling internet swaps, Jessica Tadmor, head of marketing at Panini UK noted that the firm’s online campaign has enabled a wide and varied audience to engage with the current craze.

“We have had a great marketing campaign. Men have grown up collecting Panini stickers and are now indulging in the opportunity to relive their youth,” she said.

“As a child, it’s about the craze, learning about the players, showing allegiance to teams. But as an adult, it’s a window to take a step back in to childhood and revel in the nostalgia.

“Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have become the new virtual playground and it’s amazing to see sticker swaps being sent from all corners of the UK and Ireland.

“Seeing celebrities, journalists and press engage with the collection has also helped fuel the sticky frenzy and made lot of people more honest when asked who they are buying stickers for.”

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