Product uses AI to allow a car to recognise its position on a track.

Wow! Labs launches Real FX Racing Kickstarter campaign

Development company Wow! Labs, a spin out from Wow! Stuff, has launched the Kickstarter campaign for Real FX Racing.

The product uses AI to allow a car to recognise its position on a track and stay on the track without the use of a traditional slot as seen in traditional RC tracks.

“The team at Wow! Labs were keen to use Kickstarter for the consumer launch of this project," said CEO Richard North

"It’s probably the worlds number one website for helping to fund the launch of innovative new products, platforms and services. With such an exciting product we thought the fit could be perfect. People backing the project on Kickstarter will be rewarded by getting the product at a special price and in their hands before it hits store shelves."

“We have future proofed the system to be able to expand it into mobile devices like tablets and smart phones so kids and adults alike will be able to connect and race with each other anywhere in the world. I guess just like lots of new technology such as the birth of ecommerce and how it impacted on retail bricks and mortar, we believe artificial intelligence will enhance or change the age old leaders in the global one billion dollar R/C and slot categories of toys.

"If this is successful we will look to appoint a distribution partner for the UK and other countries around the world, allowing Wow Labs to focus wholly on RealFX product development and expansion. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us if you might be interested, whichever company you represent."

Head of Wow! Labs, Dr. Graeme Taylor added: “Using artificial intelligence, Real FX Racing is the most advanced Radio Control car racing system ever developed. AI assists the cars in ‘sticking’ within the track width. It’s like video game racing meets slot racing, but in real life and with no slots.

“As kids many of us loved slot car racing sets but they really haven’t moved on a great deal in decades. They still take an age to set up and take down and the gameplay can no longer compete with the rich content of online games.

"Originally we had designed a roll out one-piece race track but in our tests with kids and adults they felt it was limiting what the cars were capable of. In a nod of respect to what’s great about slots we invented our One-Sec-Connect track pieces that ‘magically connect’ in less than one second.

"A full size track is ready to race in less than a minute, and of course it takes down in the same time. This gives it the customisable, expandable, construct play pattern but super fast set up and at a fraction of the cost of traditional slot track pieces. We tested it again with users and it went down a storm."

The Kickstarter campaign for Real FX Racing can be found here.

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