Set has been developed by materials scientists, engineers and designers.

XYZ construction set hits Kickstarter

XYZ, a construction set developed by materials scientists, engineers and designers, has landed on Kickstarter in the hopes of raising enough funds to help make it to retail.

The set, made up of different coloured individual tiles, encourages exploration and interaction and teaches the basic principles of engineering and design and an XYZ cube can hold up to 443 times its own weight.

The team behind XYZ believes the product has cross generational appeal.

‘Children over the age of six can handle small builds or even take on bigger builds with a little help from their peers and or parents,’ reads a statement on the Kickstarter page.

 ‘Teenagers can make environments for their stuff such as: display cases for their collectables and projects or stands for their gaming and stereo equipment. Adults, which includes us, use it for presentations, office furniture, exhibition stands, display cases, in fact anything we want.’

The Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise £30,000 by July 10th. If successful, XYZ will go into manufacturing in July and ship throughout August and September.

Take a look at the campaign video below:

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