Game is played in the dark and each character comes armed with a miniature flashlight.

Ghost hunting board game spooks Kickstarter

Most people would agree that playing board games in the dark isn’t always the best way forward.

But, when that board game involves hunting for ghosts, darkness is an absolute necessity.

Now, a gaming and general spooky-happenings enthusiast has taken to Kickstarter to help launch his latest concoction – a paranormal investigating board game called AV Ghost.

The brainchild of Pablo Miras, a prop sculptor and FX make-up specialist who has worked on films such as Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, AV Ghost challenges players to move around the board to solve a series of paranormal activities in order to win.

Players must move in the shadows and between hordes of ghosts in order to discover the truth behind each case.

As the game is played in the dark, each character comes armed with a miniature flashlight to help guide them through the maze of ghouls.

Just to up the levels of terror, the game also includes a soundtrack featuring a series of EVPs, as well as a final video to watch, revealing the horrifying truth behind the paranormal investigation. 

To make the game harder, each move a player takes uses up a bar in their flashlight’s battery life. Players must collect batteries to keep their torches powered up, all the time avoiding ghosts who are attracted to the light.

The board game has already achieved $13,765 of its $65,000 Kickstarter goal. Check out the AV Ghost Kickstarter page here.

You can view the AV Ghost Kickstarter campaign video below:

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