New products on the way from Character Options and Grossmans as 'Year of the Loom' continues.

Loom band craze sweeps retail

This year will go down in history as that of the Loom Band craze, according to retailers up and down the country.

The playground trend began in the Us last year, with retailers in the UK and Ireland now reporting phenomenal response to the Loom products.

And suppliers are expecting the craze to carry on through the rest of the year, with new launches from Character Options and Grossmans on the horizon.

“We are right in the middle of the Loom craze now,” said Stuart Grant, buying director at The Entertainer. “When I look back at this year in ten years, this year will be remembered for the Loom Band craze.

“It’s taken us by surprise in a really good way.”

The first Loom product was launched in the UK in november last year, enjoying success across the country.

Paula Leslie, manager of Toy-Bos-Teganau in Porthmadog, north wales, said: “When they were first talked about we didn’t really know what to make of them. A lot of kids in wales have had them for a couple of months and it has just hit us now, but these Loom bands are massive.”

Character Options will be further extending its offering with new refill packs including block colours and the new Super Cra-Z-Loom this autumn, with the Cra-Z-Knit Loom and Fashion Maker kits also to follow.

“The Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker has surpassed our already high expectations since launch, so much so that we have to work hard to ensure stock is up to date with retailers,” Jerry Healy, Character Options’ marketing director, told Toynews. “With all that we have coming through and the marketing we are placing behind the brand, we expect the sales success to continue to thrive throughout the rest of the year.”

Martin Grossman, MD at H. Grossman, launched his own Loom Twister earlier this year.

“The Loom Twister has had an amazing impact on people. Loads of bands are being made for charity, which is a great credit to our younger generation,” he commented.

“There are loads of new Loom Twister products coming in to the market each month – you cannot rest on your laurels in this game.”

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