Title will give readers tips and tricks to master the game.

Collins to publish The Little Book of Bananagrams

Bananagrams fans can look forward to reading about tips and hints for the game in the upcoming The Collins Little Book of Bananagrams.

Written by the brand’s creative consultant Deej Johnson and word-game champion, Mark Nyman, the Little Book is packed with ‘curious words and fascinating facts’.

“The actual blood, sweat and tears of the whole Bananagrams bunch have gone into this unique little book,” said Bananagrams’ creator Rena Nathanson.

“The book will be a fantastic standalone product for retailers to stock as it will appeal to Bananagrams fans old and new, as well as to lovers of all word games.

“It’s the ideal year round companion for players whilst also being perfectly positioned as an entertaining stocking-filler. Retailers and consumers alike can be sure they’re receiving a quality product from a well-respected publisher, and the original content is clever, engaging, witty and completely refreshing.

“Die-hard fans of the game will enjoy discovering the new styles of gameplay, while newer players will pick up brand new tips and tricks to help them hone their skills.”

Readers can discover 135 proper nouns which they can use in the game, special abbreviations, a list of UK and US spellings, weird words and a tip that buys time whenever you call ‘peel’.

Author Deej Johnson added: “Bananagrams is the fastest, most frantic word game; I love it.

“And while I always play by the book, I also love using sneaky tips to get an advantage… The Little Book of Bananagrams gives you an insider’s know how and a definite edge. It might not help you win friends – but it does help you win Bananagrams.”

Gerry Breslin, publishing manager for Collins said: “We are excited to be joining the Bananagrams family. It is the perfect topic for a Collins Little Book – both are fun, compact and you can use them when you are out and about.”

The Collins Little Book of Bananagrams will be priced at £6.99 and will be available globally from the autumn.

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