The new collection features Hexbug Nano and Hexbug Warrior Transformers

Innovation First reveals Transformers Hexbugs

Innovation first has partnered with Hasbro’s popular boys’ property Transformers to launch a range of Transformers Hexbugs.

The new line features six Hexbug Nano Transformers and Hexbug Warrior Transformers, each representing one of the main Autobot and Decepticon characters.

The new line allows fans to battle it out in Transformer fashion with two different battle sets available: Battle Arena and Battle Stadium.

The Hexbug Transformers range is available to retailers now, and Innovation First believes will see a ‘great success due to the ongoing popularity of the Hexbug and Transformers franchises.’

“We believe the line will perform well given the existing success and popularity of both brands among kids,” said Heather Corbett, marketing manager at Innovation First.

“With the phenomenal success of the first three Transformers movies, we expect Transformers: Age of Extinction will certainly help to drive sales for the Hexbug Transformers range.”

With a full launch campaign in the works, Innovation First believes that the new line will appeal to fans of both Hexbug and Transformers alike.

“Both Transformers and Hexbug have passionate fans who love to build up a collection of their favourite toys, so we feel this partnership is the perfect fit,” continued Corbett.

“The Hexbug range allows kids to battle each other with their favourite characters from the popular Transformers stories, so there is real cross over for the fanbase.”

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