The Police SWAT range welcomes a new Police Truck with Speedboat.

TOYMASTER 2014: Playmobil showcases anniversary ranges

As part of its 40th birthday celebrations, Playmobil is showcasing a variety of ranges at this year’s Toymaster show. 

The Police SWAT range welcomes a new Police Truck with Speedboat while the new Camping range boasts a Family Caravan or SUV and a Campsite complete with Tents.

Elsewhere, the Construction collection features everything from Dump Trucks and Cranes to Surveyors and Construction Workers while the new Fairies range features a Fairy Island complete with Jewel Fountain’s rotating flower carousel. 

Little Noahs can pair eight animals together in Playmobil’s new Animal Ark and the Asian Dragons Land, available from June, features an Ancient Dragon Castle, a Secret Dragon Fort and the Dragon Battle Ship.

The Shopping Centre, available from July, features a working lift between floors and shops for everything from handbags to toys and sporting equipment. 

There will be a heavyweight TV advertising campaign across the year, press advertising and extensive PR activity to support these, and the other ranges launching throughout 2014.

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