The toy firm has partnered with European car rental firm Europcar to offer kids a 'try before you buy' Hot Wheels campaign.

Mattel launches Hot Wheels toy rental scheme

Mattel has launched its first Hot Wheels toy car rental scheme for children.

The toy giant has partnered with European car rental agency, Europcar to offer the kids of car-renting parents the chance to hire one of their own, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Parents renting cars at Europcar agency are being offered separate contracts for Hot Wheels cars, encouraging kids to play with the toys throughout their stay.

The parents and children will then have the option to return or keep the cars at the end of the rental period.

The scheme has been devised to keep the Hot Wheels brand relevant and keep kids hands-ion with the brand.

Inventorspot reports that the Hot Wheels rental scheme is the brainchild of Patrick Sullivan, creative director at Oglivy and Mather, Paris.

“Mattel and Europcar are two Oglivy clients that have some creative and account leadership staffing overlap,” he said.

“One hallway conversation led to another.”

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