Latest additions to the Vamplets collection include a Baby Undead Dragon and 'toe-nibbling fur balls' called Bitemares.

Hasbro designer launches new Vamplets plush

Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pont designer Gayle Middleton is launching a new range of vampire-inspired plush in the form of Vamplets.

Middleton released her first six plush vampire dolls in 2010, which immediately sold out at the New York International Toy Fair.

By 2012 the line had expanded to Werewolf babies, Zombie babies, Cyclops babies, Abominable Snow Babies and a host of their companions from the Undead Pet Society.

Graphic novels from publisher Action Labs were released the following year and Middleton recently unveiled the Gloomvanian Ghost Pony.

Middleton recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the latest additions to the Vamplets collection, which include a Baby Undead Dragon and ‘toe-nibbling fur balls’ called Bitemares.

"After years of designing adorable pets for Hasbro, Disney and others, I started doodling these odd, ghostly white vampire babies drinking undead dragon bottled blood in 2006,” said Middleton.

“Maybe I was suffering from ‘Cute Overload’ and this was my way of dealing with it. I wanted to create babies that were cute but mischievous, something surprisingly off-center and bizarre.

"I soon became obsessed. Other breeds of creepy-yet-cute monster babies started appearing on my sketch pad, and after three years I had coined a name for them: Vamplets."

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