The range of handmade plush featuring mutant animals is just $200 from hitting its Kickstarter goal.

Tox City mutant critters rise on Kickstarter

A new band of mutant critters are rising up on Kickstarter, featuring one mustachioed bat, a vampiric looking plant and a four-armed wolf.

Before you run for cover, this motley crew are only the latest line of hand made plush toys from the Jellykoe company.

Titled Tox City, the collection has already received $2,831 of its $3000 Kickstarter goal and it still has 11 days of campaigning left.

The characters follow a post apocalyptic storyline, in which two groups of mutants battle it out for control of Tox City.

The range features six distinct characters. Fighting for the good mutants (the Cutetants) there is Bushy Bat, Gillbert and Furman. Meanwhile, the evil Goozers are comprised of HazRat, Pawley and The Green Weedow.

“We wanted to make this new line really special,” read a statement from the Jellykoe team.

“So we’re using lots of fur and vinyl as well as making their arms poseable.”

Each character will also harbour its own special feature, while all of them will have glow in the dark eyes.

“Over the years we have worked hard to keep everything handmade and in house. With this in mind, starting a new toy line from scratch leaves us with a lot of upfront costs.

“This Kickstarter will allow us to have the inventory needed to be able to release the line completely in June this year.”

Project backer pledging $5 or more will receive a Tox City postcard, sticker and button, while for a pledge of $20 or more, fans will receive a limited edition Tox City print.

For $35 or more, backers will have their choice of one Cutetant or one Goozer, while for $100 and upwards, fans will receive a complete Goozer of Cutetant tribe, or an original painting.

Check out Tox City’s Kickstarter page here.

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