The range has been developed to promote the qualities of bamboo while encouraging kids to build confidence and balance.

GreenChamp Bikes readies bamboo balance bikes for Kickstarter launch

GreenChamp Bikes is heading to Kickstarter to prove that bamboo can be used to create almost anything.

And that includes a range of children’s balance bikes.

The eco-conscious team has embarked on its mission to bring its range of bikes to consumers while highlighting the properties of the renewable material.

“We only use the best from what nature has to offer,” said Daniel Heerkens of GreenChamp Bikes.

“And bamboo is one of nature’s most renewable sources of raw material.”

The range of bikes has been developed to encourage balance and confidence among children aged 18 months to five years old.

And to increase the durability of its products, the team employs two methods of production.

“Honey is infused in to the bamboo fiber to prevent cracking, while GreenChamp Bike frames are double walled, in which bamboo is infused between two bamboo walls to increase the strength by approximately 50 per cent.”

GreenChamp Bikes will launch its balance bike project on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter on May 30th.

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