FunBrush co-founder explains how the idea for a game that makes cleaning teeth fun for children is progressing.

DIARY OF AN INVENTOR: Adam Roszyk and FunBrush

FunBrush is not only a toy. It is a device that gives your child a healthy entertainment.

FunBrush consists of two main elements.

Firstly, it is the toothbrush that contains gyroscope and accelerometer to read the position of toothbrush in a real time. It also contains bluetooth module to send this data to a tablet or smartphone. This way we can precisely define location of toothbrush and with a special algorithm check the correctness of brushing based on schemes recommended by the dentists. FunBrush does not vibrate as an usual electric toothbrush so it’s safe for children.

Secondly, it is a game downloadable for iOS, Android and Windows Phone for free. In our game, children will find the whole zoo full of animals, waiting for them. Every animal is a patient and needs help with cleaning it’s teeth. Only correct brushing can make their smile beautiful again.

We wanted to make the game as much exciting as we could. That’s why we are working with a professional graphic studio that specialises in projects for children. We are really proud of it.

How did we manage to invent FunBrush? Well, with all the technology around us and many problems waiting to be solved, it just had to happen. It derived from the need to make our lives easier.

Everything had started a year ago, while I was watching my aunt’s kids, they were having fun together all day long, but when it came to night time and brushing teeth it was not easy to convince them to do it. That day I thought about myself when I was younger – I was the same.

Then I have asked myself: Is there a way to transform brushing teeth into fun? I bet they would never worry about the dentist again if they could play games while brushing. All the dental problems would go away. Is that even possible? We think it is!

As a young and creative team within a couple of days, we have created the very first prototype of a device that connects a special electronic toothbrush to a computer, so it can track its position. It became a controller for a game that encourages kids to brush their teeth.

We then took part in Microsoft Imagine Cup – the contest for people who want to change the world. It was a great success. We have got a fantastic feedback from the jury and other participants, which made us very confident about our project.

We think that Kickstarter is the best method to share an idea with the worldwide audience and to verify it. It is the best place to get feedback from real clients and to create community around your product.

Of course, the main aim of getting a campaign up and running on Kickstarter is to collect funds crucial for production. It is the dream of ours, so we are really looking forward to that.

Our Kickstarter campaign is slowly powering up. We are very confident about FunBrush and we believe that in the next days the word about it will spread and others will see our product the same way we see it.

We hope that we can get the attention of the biggest news and technology websites in the world and make some positive buzz around our FunBrush to achieve our goal.

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