The Darth Vader figure is made from over 250,000 bricks and stands at four meters high.

Master Builder creates record breaking Darth Vader and Yoda LEGO figures

A LEGO Master Builder was feeling the Force this month, as he broke the world record for the largest Darth Vader and Yoda figures ever created from LEGO.

Built from over 250,000 bricks, Dan Steininger’s Darth Vader stands at four meters high, while Yoda poses at two metres.

The Los Angeles-based LEGO fan, and one of only seven LEGO Master Builders in the world, unveiled his creations to a crowd of Star Wars fans in Australia.

The 58 year old’s monumental feat was completed in order to celebrate international Star Wars Day on May 4, reports Daily Mail.

Check out images of Steininger’s creations below:

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