The BBC has commissioned 25 episodes of The Link, hosted by Mark Williams.

Linkee-inspired game show debuts on BBC

Boggle, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Linkee. Can you spot the common denominator?

The answer, they are all board games that have been adapted to television game shows.

While you may be forgiven for missing the first three (Boggle, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly each aired in the US at some point in the 1990s) the team behind Linkee is offering no excuses for UK viewers.

The new game show titled The Link made its television debut this week, and will now air on BBC One each weekday.

The BBC has commissioned 25 episodes of the show hosted by Mark Williams of The Fast Show and Harry Potter fame, after its potential for a game show was first mentioned on Dragon’s Den last summer.

Staying true to the nature of the Linkee game, The Link challenges players to spot the link between answers to a set of questions in order to win money and progress to the next round.

“Hitting the small screen is the next big step in Linkee’s life,” said Dean Tempest from Linkee.

“Last year we sold over 50,000 boxes and were John Lewis’ bestselling game.

“We have since licensed Linkee to games distributor, John Adams, under the well-known Ideal games brand and we have brough to market a popular free mobile app version which has gained more than 600 five star reviews since Christmas.

“An update with 60 new questions and an international version is also out this month.”

Linkee’s Ben Drummond, added: “The really exciting thing about the TV show is that Warner Bros has secured the global distribution rights. So if it’s a hit in the UK, there’s a great chance it will start popping up in other countries around the world. Fingers crossed the nation likes it.”

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