Facebook game has made the move into the board game sector.

Pot Farm board game hits Kickstarter

Facebook game Pot Farm is making the move into board games via a Kickstarter campaign for Pot Farm: The Board Game.

The game has over six million players online, and is now the ‘first weed-growing board game on Kickstarter ever’.

The two to four player game sees farmers take turns growing plants, buying improvements for their own farm and competing to see who is the ‘ultimate pot farmer’.

Players must also protect their plants from Ranger Dick, with different items on the farm providing or damaging an overall protection level. 

The Kickstarter campaign states the game is ‘a must have collector’s item for board game fanatics and fans of cannabis culture’ and aims to raise $15,000 by June 4th. It has already raised $3,958.

Take a look at the campaign here or watch the Pot Farm Kickstarter video below:

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