Billed as 'the next generation of chess' the game uses Soldiers, Tanks, Fighter Jets, Helicopters, Generals and Presidents.

Nexchess will ‘save chess playing from obscurity,’ says inventor

Chess playing will become extinct unless it evolves to represent the modern day, says the inventor of Nexchess, the ‘next generation of chess.’

Following a recent survey of 200 eight to 16 year olds at Birmingham’s Barry Potter Toy Fair, the board game enthusiast found that 100 per cent of youngsters preferred his version to the classic Staunton set.

Edward Bermingham developed his take on the ancient game in order to attract the younger chess player, and prove that ‘chess is not boring.’

Scrapping the original playing components of Pawns, Castles, Knights, Bishops, Kings and Queens found in the classic Staunton set, Bermingham’s game introduces players to the tactical game using their modern day counterparts: Soldiers, Helicopters, Fighter Jets, Tanks, Generals and Presidents.

“Nexchess is totally up to date with reality, unlike the standard Staunton set,” said Bermingham.

“Youngsters today cannot relate to Castles, Bishops, Knights, Kings and Queens, when was the last time you saw one of these go to war? They do not and have not for 200 years.

“When was the last time you saw an Apache helicopter go to war? Every day.”

Following five years of development and ‘exhaustive funding,’ Nexchess has now reached the distribution stage, and Bermingham is convinced it is up to his game to rescue Chess from obscurity.

“With the introduction of videogames, interest in chess playing has fallen sharply, and youngsters say it is boring. This is the reason Nexchess was developed, to represent today and encourage these youngsters to play.

“There are many versions of chess in the market, i.e. Star Trek, The Simpsons, but these character sets will only last as long as they broadcast the TV shows.”

“I do not wish to see in my opinion the greatest board game ever thought of, disappear in time. It will do if it remains in its current format.”

Bermingham has already had three offers of investment for 51 per cent of the Nexchess business from interested parties, but turned them down.

“My intention is to license Nexchess. Along with this format comes worldwide distribution, and that is my goal,” he said. “The whole object of creative Nexchess is to license it to a major international board game manufacturer.”

Nexchess UK Ltd now has three further products in development, including a camouflage version of the game, a Battle of Britain version for older players (featuring Hitler, Winston Churchill and Spitfires), and a family version aimed at attracting female players.

However, these planned versions of Nexchess will not be released until the basic Nexchess is well on its way to full distribution.

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