Over 200 events held across UK and Ireland boosted the success of the global board game festival.

UK game culture fuels triumphant International TableTop Day

Geek and Sundry is celebrating the successful return of International TableTop Day this year, fuelled by a positive global response and the growing board game culture in the UK.

81 countries across the globe helped the board game festival achieve its biggest year to date, with thousands of game and comic stores hosting meet-ups and gaming events for local customers.

Over 200 events were registered across the UK and Ireland alone, each inviting players of all ages and expertise to join in the celebrations.

International TableTop Day is the brainchild of Geek and Sundry and the team behind the hit US show, TableTop, actors Wil Wheaton (Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory) and Felicia Day.

Co-founder of Geek and Sundry and executive producer of TableTop, Sheri Bryant, told ToyNews: "The reaction [to international Tabletop Day] has been phenomenal, with players from all ages and backgrounds getting involved in the big day.

"The board game culture has certainly been growing. We have had hundreds of events registered across the UK. It is very rewarding to see the love of board games grow in the UK and beyond."

This year saw many notable board game manufacturers and developers sponsor the event, including the likes of Japanime Games, Alderac Entertainment and Ravensburger, while others, such as UK distributor Esdevium Games participated with promotional items and tournament prizes.

Esdevium’s marketing manager, Ben Hogg, explained: "TableTop Day is fantastic, it’s giving something back to the gaming community. We buy in TableTop Day bundle kits to sell to our stores, featuring a range of limited edition components, games and merchandise."

"Board game manufacturers have been highly responsive in providing support," continued Bryant. "We are excited to continue growing our partnerships in the future."

Geek and Sundry is now hoping to increase the success of the event year on year, encouraging more players, publishers and countries to join in.

"We are excited to hear from everyone who participated this year and learn how to make it a better event for next year too," said Bryant.

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